Oral Systemic Mastery

Microscopy - Laser Therapy - Guided Biofim Therapy

"Our goal is to advance the clinical science of dental prevention. We have created Oral Systemic Mastery to boost the awareness of the revolutionary technologies that improve the treatment and maintenance protocols that we all use"   Thomas Larkin DDS

The Oral Systemic Mastery Event

The One Day Event That Can Change The Course Of Your Practice And Your Life.

The concept is fairly simple. Can we bring together the thought leaders, best technologies, and best practices to train up the dentist and hygiene team to an elite level? Test drive with little cost and no obligation, the most advanced preventive tools in dentistry at one day didactic/hands-on event that will squarely position your practice at the forefront of the health-centered practice conversation

The Oral Systemic Mastery Event

By teaming up with world-renowned brands in their respective areas, Leica, EMS, and King Lasers, we are bringing the tools and the training together in one location, one curriculum, and one outcome. To introduce you to the most important health changing trends in dental hygiene. The knowledge that oral health can have a  profound effect on overall health and the development of a zero-tolerance for bleeding gums.  

  Introduction To Oral-Systemic Hygiene

  Video Microscopy Background

 Microscopy Hands On Sampling And Interpretation

 Diode Laser Background

 Hands On Diode Laser

 Guided Biofilm Therapy Background

 Hands On GBT

 Putting It All Together

Course Directors

Thomas Larkin DDS
Mike Czubiak DDS

Dr. Tom Larkin is the founder of Proactive Oral Wellness (powhygiene.com), After attending the BaleDonnen preceptorship in 2013, he designed the first and only web-based training for dental phase-contrast microscopy and advanced prevention. An expert in dental start-ups and acquisitions, Dr. Larkin works closely with practices that desire to make the shift to wellness models. His collaboration With Dr. Czubiak has resulted in a new podcast and training events to raise the level of expertise among a growing community of dental practitioners seeking more career and personal satisfaction.

Dr. Mike Czubiak is a practicing general dentist in Camarillo, California. It was a "lightbulb" moment the first time he investigated the oral-systemic connection and it changed his life. He attended the BaleDoneen preceptorship in 2013 and became a patient of the method in 2016. He already had a strong preventive program, but getting to the root cause of disease including perio and restorative failures led him on a journey that included building a team of 10 hygienists dedicated to challenging the status quo. He co-wrote the book Hygiene Superstar, lectures nationwide of the value prospects of dental hygiene  and co-hosts the Hygiene Superstar podcast.

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